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Practical Drafting, published by U.S. Trust, Bank of America Private Wealth Management, is the authoritative resource that estate planners and administrators rely on to keep current. It provides expert perspective on a broad range of estate planning issues, and is a comprehensive research tool for answers to most estate planning questions. Written by Richard B. Covey, Esq. and Dan T. Hastings, Esq., Practical Drafting provides two powerful resources: Quarterly Commentaries, an ongoing journal and the Trust & Will Provisions Manual, a comprehensive formbook. Members of U.S. Trust's Office of Chief Fiduciary assist Messrs. Covey and Hastings with identifying topics of interest, research, and editing the publication. To see a sample of our lead articles and selected points of interest, please click here.


An annul subscription to Practical Drafting is available in hardcopy.

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Marital Deduction and Credit Shelter Dispositions and the Use of Formula Provisions

This book and its annual supplement provides, in a single source, comprehensive and in-depth knowledge on this topic. It reflects all developments in this area since 1984, including the impact of the American Taxpayer Relief Act of 2012. The book features:

  • Descriptions and comparisons of the principles behind pecuniary amount and fractional share credit shelter and marital deduction dispositions
  • Estate planning considerations
  • Model credit shelter and marital deduction forms
  • A discussion of the impact of state death tax laws and the significance of IRC Sec. 2058
  • An up-to-date appendix on state laws governing which types of dispositions
  • An up-to-date state death tax survey chart
  • An analysis of the Hubert regulations

This publication, acknowledged to be the single most useful work in this subject area, has been cited frequently over the years in case law as well as scholarly publications. You may order this book as a standalone order or with Practical Drafting.

  • For subscribers of Practical Drafting: $250
  • For non-subscribers: $275

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